As a member you will recieve as part of your package, a stewardship plan using the latest tools available. This includes aerial photographs, Forest Ecosystem Classification, Soils, Watercourses and wildlife habitat information built on the latest professional mapping program. An initial walk through (cruise) and our unbiased professinal advice on forest stewardship.

We also provide access to silviculture funding from multiple sources as well as project management and mapping for silviculture and harvesting. This helps ensure you get the result you desire by matching the job with the appropriate contractor.

If you prefer to do your own work, we can help with prioritizing and laying out forest improvement work plan to help ensure you get the best result based on your values and assurance that following that advice, the site will meet all applicable treatment specifications and regulation. We will market your wood then coordinate trucking to a variety of mills around the province, to make sure you get the best price for your wood that is harvested.

As part of your membership with Athol, you become an associate memebr of the Forest Products Association of Nova Scotia and the Federation of Nova Scotia Woodland Owners. This helps provide funding to our members for road construction, maintenance, forest certification and silviculture.

*Non-members do not qualify for funding*