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Frequently Asked Questions

Even after 30+ years there are still some questions surrounding exactly what Athol Forestry does. We have tried to outline the most frequently asked questions here but if you are still unsure please contact us.

Q: Why should I become a member of Athol Forestry Co-op?
A: For the minimal charge of $25 for 5 shares with Athol Co-op, the landowner will receive all the benefits of being a member as well as an additional 5% off of merchandise in the retail store.

Q: How can I become a member?
A: The application process and form can be accessed through the link to the right. Typically we are looking for 50 acres or larger, this can be made up of multiple parcels of land with mixed use, for example blueberries, maple, forestry, etc.

Q: If I become a member who controls my property?
A: You, the owner will always maintain full control over your property. Athol Forestry is simply here to guide you with our suggestions and observations always taking into account what your ultimate goal for your property is.

Q: Who chooses what and when to harvest?
A: Athol forestry provides the advice and guidance, you the landowner provides the decision/permission.

Q: Can managed land still be used for recreational purposes?
A: Yes

Q: Is there funding available for improvements to my woodlot?
A: Yes, however, programs change yearly and Athol is committed to allocating funding to managed woodlots only.

Q: Will there be opportunities to learn more about forestry?
A: Yes. We often offer seminars, tours and field days that cover a wide spectrum of topics. Recently these have included ticks & lyme disease, wild mushrooms, field days, biomass information and many more.

Q: Can I work on my woodlot when it is under management?
A: Yes and we will provide advice, help get you started, and share whatever knowledge & technical advice that we can.

Q: I don't know if my woodlot has a commercial value?
A: Normally woodlots under management will be provided a timber evaluation free of charge upon request.

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