Athol Scholarship

This scholarship was established and is being funded by the members of the Cooperative, in order to encourage and financially support post-secondary education.


The Athol Forestry Cooperative Scholarship is open to any graduating, Grade XII student of any high school within our service area. Currently, these high schools are Amherst, Springhill, Oxford, River Hebert, Advocate & Parrsboro. Criteria

  • The Athol Forestry Cooperative Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic achievement, demonstrated financial need and co-curricular activities. Preference will be given to those applicants who are enrolling in a forestry related field of study. Preference will also be given to the children or grandchildren of active Athol Forestry Cooperative members. This scholarship is not limited to any particular post-secondary institution or field of study.
  • Applications must be received by Athol Forestry Cooperative no later than May 1st. A selection committee will review all applications received and an award may be made to one or more students in a particular year. Payment will be made directly to the institution, upon proof of enrollment in September and January.
  • The Scholarship may not be awarded if there are no applicants meeting the above criteria.